update: was:Re: Monday Candle Service: 2-15-99

Jamie Larson ( jamie5@cris.com )
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:09:09 -0500

At 07:41 PM 2/14/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Kevin,(born with a neurological problem) Jamie L.
>Elmer (He has a urinary infection) Jamie L.
>Mugsey: foster kitty( be able to keep him in the office )

Hi friends,
Well, Mugsey(FeLV+) couldnt be kept in the office and is now
living at my house in SunnyBoy & Cookie's old room. It seems
that when a customer came in he would dart outside and then
he disappeared for 2 days. I am going to start him on Baypamun
and then retest him in awhile. Vibes that he stays healthy, I cant
bear to lose another to this disease.

Elmer's(FIV+) urinary infection seems better BUT he has lost alot of
weight and I am very worried. The vet gave him a B12 injection and
that seemed to help, so I have ordered it and will try giving it to him
myself. (The vet charged $20 an injection and ordering it through the
catalog it will cost me only $3.00 for a 100ml bottle, big difference.)

Kevin is still as wobbly legged as ever, but he tries real hard to get around.

I have 2 additions to this weeks candle bridge ceremony:

Blackie: a feral that was supposed to be tested/neutered/released. He
was positive for FIV and couldnt be released in his condition to infect the
whole colony. He left for the bridge last monday Feb 22, 1999


Jewelie: a sweet foster kitty that had been adopted out with her brother as
a kitten and returned because of 'allergies'. She died under anesthesia
her spay, monday Feb 22, 1999. This is upsetting to me because this is the
new vet I just switched to in December because the other vet lost 2 kitties of
mine under anesthesia after their spaying. I do *think* I believe that
this was
an allergic reaction because she died when she first was put under. The other
vet I believe was negligent because they died after being under awhile,
after the
surgurys were done, I think they were given too much. Now I am terrified to
bring any kitties to the vet anymore to be operated on.

Thanks for thinking of us.


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