Re: Lizzie's hanging in there.

Nancy A. Schmall ( (no email) )
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:14:50 -0600 (CST)

Hi John,
I am *so* sorry for your sadness. I know you will do the right thing for
Lizzie. The vet saying that she might only live three months more is no
doubt a possibility, but every cat is different just like every human.
With your love and kindness, she might live a lot longer. You are
weighing all possibilities and scenarios and that is good. Nancy

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, John Schestag wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'll try the goat's milk and baby food meat and broth today Karla,
> thanks. Also good info from Sue and Gabriela. One vet said he could do
> a surgery and remove Lizzie's swollen right eye and put in a sterle
> eyeball and then sew it closed if all the meds fail to work.
> I asked if they would surgically remove the tumor behind it and treat
> the cancer by surgery? He wants to wait until Saturday morning to
> evaluate her and give me an answer after the ultra sound and x-ray. I
> don't want to play God and take her life. Yet, I don't want her to
> behave like some 1930's ladies' fox wrap all limp and lifeless, if that
> time comes.
> If her pain is necessary to cure her, then I'd say OK, dope her up and
> get on with it. But if I'm being a vet nut and let them butcher her and
> make her suffer for no common sense justification, then the logical
> thing to do would be to buy her a 1st class ticket to the rainbow
> bridge.
> Not an easy decision to make when she's still purring when I hold her
> and she can still give weak head butts. I must know if she is in any
> pain now or if she is just reacting normally to the medications. She
> isn't vomiting and she can still walk around slowly. I have high hopes
> she will perk up by Saturday's exam. This weekend will totally suck!!
> Removing the eye and the lymphoma is possible but the other vet said the
> felv would still be present and maybe only extend her life by 3 months.
> This I didn't want to hear. She's at my feet now. I gave her our good
> morning massage and then she walked over and took a drink. I put down a
> special soft food from the vet and she smelled it and tried to cover it
> up with her paw on the kitchen floor. I got her message loud and clear.
> "Johnny, this stuff smells like cat s___!!"
> She walks about 10 feet and then lays down. At least she's behaving
> better than yesterday. This has all happened so quickly it has me
> stunned. This is my first and I hope last bout with this horrible felv
> within my furry family.
> Take care, John

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