Re: Stella's spayed

Laura Jordan ( )
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 07:57:53 -0700

Of course we care! Keep us posted on how your babies do! We had Pixie spayed
and didn't even know she was positive at the time. She came out just fine.
Just keep an eye on her and if she doesn't drink soon, start putting some on
your finger and wetting her mouth to encourage her a little bit. It works
for me.


S.H.L wrote:

> Hi everyone, I just wanted to share that Stella had her surgery today.
> The Vet wanted to keep her over night
> to make sure she was kept quiet but my roommate and I felt it would be
> less stressful for her to be able to
> come home. Unfortunately we both had to work evenings tonight and
> couldn't stay with her but my sister stayed
> with her to keep an eye on her. The Vet has put her on ampicillin as a
> precaution, her pre-op blood work was
> all good. Her liver functions are back within in normal range and her
> Hct was higher than normal, the Vet feels
> that is due to the interferon. She wasn't in heat yet and the Vet is
> pleased with how well she did today. She
> has to have her stitches out in 10 days. Her poor bald belly looks so
> cute. She hasn't drank anything yet, she
> did eat about 1/2 tablespoon of babyfood, and seems so dry. I don't want
> to force anything on her yet thou.
> Lillian has been crying outside the door of the room we have Stella in,
> Sally quieted down once I let her sniff
> Stella out for herself. Harry is totally indifferent since we brought
> her back home. Funny, cause all three of them
> were acting wierd all morning and couldn't settle down, like they were
> wondering where Stella was and what
> was up. Well, one down, one to go. We should be getting Lillian spayed
> in the next few weeks, right now the
> Vet wants to see a little more weight on her.
> Thanks for listening and for caring,
> Kathy B

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