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Sat, 27 Feb 1999 21:04:14 -0500

Did the vet tell you anything about interferon. My cat had some of the
symptoms your cat has. My vet mixed it with clavomox. We switched later to
Baytril because it worked better with the breathing problems.
I would try to find as much information as you can and bring it to your
vet and ask lots of questions. If you do not feel comfortable with your vet
change to another one.
Try to look up some holistic medicine sites there are alot of things out
there to try.


At 05:14 PM 2/27/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a two year old female, formerely from California which is endemic
>for feline leukemia. She was dumped, but in good condition. She was
>examined for feline leukemia, spaded, and her shots given. She had her
>third visit to the vets in Novemeber. January, what we think of as her
>birthday, she exhibited a dialation of the pupil of the left eye. I
>observed her breathing had changed, slightly labored. That was enough for
>me to take her to the vets, the same office which saw her in Nove. and
>declared she was in excellent health. Again, the vet saw nothing wrong
>with her, and sent me home feeling very troubled.
>A few days later this kitty was GRAVELY ill . Back to the vet for a full
>panel of blood work, $127.50. It came back positive for feline leukemia.
>Given anti-biotics, and I gave her vitamin C, the liquid kind, which I felt
>very uncomfortable with, but the vet said some of his clients had some
>luck with their cats on the vitamin. Then I discovered there is a pet
>variety, and I have that now, but why the vet did not know this is beyond
>The initial onset of this disease portrayed itself with the pupil
>dialating, and gagging in the early part of the morning. When I got up and
>massaged her chest I heard a squishy sound(told this to the vet who said he
>could not anything wrong with her) HE DID NOT LISTEN TO ME!
>NEXT stage of this disease. Her hard breathing became so overt, I was sure
>I was going to lose this cat from a cardiac arrest. Of course at this
>stage I am totally ignorant of the way this disease progresses.
>Back to the Vet. The vet, and he is a good one, who declared first nothing
>wrong with her, and then after the blood work, declared she had feline
>leukemia, was sick with the flu. The other vet looked her over, and
>declared she had FIP, and he put her on a broader anti-biotic, which does
>not seem to be doing enough for her. He also put her on a diaretic to
>alleviate some of the fluid in the adominal cavity. So there we are.
>FIP seems to manufacture many varieties, different strains. So I can see
>there is no exact treatment answer here.
>Perhaps there is someone out there who has had a cat with similar symtoms,
>and may have additional information to give.
>Much appreciated if there is......
>Daryl Bulkley
>Port Townsend, Washington

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