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John Schestag ( AAARPTRADEUSA@webtv.net )
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 13:54:43 -0500 (EST)

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My little furry angel is on the beautiful rainbow bridge you all have
taught me about on this list. I'll provide the story to you next week.
Very sad. But, you already know how I feel.

You're a good bunch of people.
Thanks, John

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Thanks all.....
Just gave Lizzie her steroid pill and she hated it. She's gotten weaker
just since this morning and drools and still purred when I held her and
looked at me eye to eye with her good eye and then tucked her head down
into my chest. She refused drink or food.

Her purring has a gurgle/rattle sound now. Maybe her lungs have filled
up in just a few hours!? I called and I'm taking her to the emergency
vet hospital this afternoon when this vet specialist comes in to do the
x-rays and ultra sound he was planning to do this coming Saturday.
Maybe antibiotics?

I want her well so badly yet I wonder when she'll tell me it's time to
let go. I'd hate to make a big mistake and not fight by her side while
she's still fighting to live. Her look and loving mannerisms are still
there. Her look is so trusting it's hard to be objective. When she
sees me she can now only "mouth" a silent meow. Poor baby.

This is pure Hell! John


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