Stella update

S.H.L ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 01:16:51 -0500

My roommate ended up bringing Stella to the Vets this afternoon. I think
Stella has figured out how to manipulate
her Mom's emotions by playing the part of the poor sick kitty. My
roommate said at the vets she was moving &
acting like nothing was wrong. The vet poked and prodded and she didn't
let out one wimper, moved all around
the room, and just wanted to get back into her carrier. She wouldn't
walk or let either of us touch her without
crying and pushing out hands away (unless it was to just rub her head),
what an actress. The vet did give her
some subcutaneous fluids to hydrate her and gave us pettinnic for her.
If she still won't eat by the am he'll
prescribe a pill for her to stimulate her appetite. I got some raw
liver for her (one of her favorites) & she wasn't
interested. Her incision looks fine. She is urinating since getting the
fluids. I feel much better knowing she isn't
in as much pain as I was imagining, I won't feel so afraid of hurting
her if I have to force feed her with a syringe
to get food/fluids into her. Other wise as long as her incision is
clean I'm not going to be so neurotic.
The vet was also good enough to not charge for the office visit today,
and did reassure my roommate that we
can't be too careful with Stella & Lillian (she felt kind of
embarrassed we were so nervous about Stella after
Stella buzzed around the office without any trouble). This means I
shouldn't be so neurotic when Lillian gets
spayed (yea, right!).
Kathy B

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