Re: Stella
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 23:34:35 EST

I am sorry that Stella is not feeling so good, How is she doing today?
I spayed Sophia after knowing she was postive and she was just fine. Now
Elizabeth, who is negative, did not do so well after surgery. She stayed the
night at the vets and wehn I got her home she looked just awful. she moaned
and growled. Did not want to be bothered with, and her poor belly was all red.
I got alarmed right away, I called the vet, and she was surprised that
Elizabeth was feeling so ill. It took a good few days before she got back to
normal. Elizabeth was spayed in a heat cycle, so I do not know if that had
anything to do with it either.
Thinking of you, I know when our babies are sick, we are worryed mommies with

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