Re: Stella update

Nancy A. Schmall ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 08:04:24 -0600 (CST)

it's *EASY* to be a neurotic mama when you have sick cats. It
s difficult to be *up* and at the same time be prepared for anything.
Stella may just be having a bad time because she is FELV and it may take
her longer to heal. Keep an eye on her (as I know you're doing) and if
you can, you might want to think of adding some Vit. C. or echinacea to
help boost her immunity. Good luck--thinking of you and Stella. nancy

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, S.H.L wrote:

> Just an update on Stella and her recovery from being spayed yest. She
> seems to be in alot of pain, cries out when
> she is touched or she walks much at all. We are keeping her isolated
> from the other cats and she is sleeping most of the
> time. She'll take a small spoonful of the a/d diet, then wants to be
> left alone. I haven't seen her drink at all. She must be
> feeling a little better as she has been biting at her sutures. I tried
> wrapping a small ace bandage around her abdomen,
> to keep her from biting and hoping it would add a little support, but it
> freaked her out and I took it right off. I bought
> an Elizabethan collor at the pet store, got the smallest one they had
> but I didn't keep it on her as it seemed so big and
> bulky. Her incision is pink, warm, not draining and doesn't look
> infected, but she is quite swollen and sensitive.
> She has urinated once so I don't think she is dehydrated. I remember
> Sally having to be restrained the day she was
> spayed, she acted like nothing had happened at all so I am suprised at
> how much this has knocked Stella for a loop,
> although I am sure this is all normal as it is major surgery. It just
> keeps bouncing around my head that the stress of all
> this could activate her FeLV so I just want her recovery to be swift so
> I can stop worrying. All my other cats have been
> boys, so it was just a little snip snip. I just wish there was something
> I could do to make her more comfy (other than
> leaving her alone). Well, I need some patience with this process, I'm
> getting to be a very neurotic mama.
> Kathy B

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