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Laura Jordan ( )
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 10:53:12 -0700


The treatment I'm going to try is a magnetic pulser, which would render
the virus unable to penetrate the blood cells. Used in conjunction with
colloidal silver, which I hope should help increase healthy white blood
cell production. I found out about it doing a search of holistic methods
to treat Felv and the address for more info on this treatment is It's an experimental treatment, like I said, but
the person who advertises it has had some success using it with cats.
There is a place to see his story, just add feline.html to the above
address and you can read Tabby's story. It also tells you how to
supplement the cats diet while using the treatment. Very interesting and
inexpensive compared to the cost of all the meds the cat needs and the
heartache of losing it to an infection or something.

Laura and the Brat Pack

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