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Thu, 04 Feb 1999 17:27:08 PST

Thanks Diana.
Our vet said to give flagyl to Jangles for 1 wk and if that didn't do
anything she could run some tests as to why there is blood in his stool.
I did talk to a bunch of people and they told me he could be under alot
of stress.
I got him out of a stressful situation.He's not in a stressful area
now.But do notice he's not fond of strangers that come in the house nor
my 3yr old daughter.He will tolorate her for 10mins then he goes back
into hiding.
He is getting along with the other cat now(finally). But did the
weirdest thing today.Both were on the bed for about 4hrs and Jangles got
up went to the ohter cat and bite him on the back and took off.What was
that all about?
Psycho just stayed where he was cause if he got off it would have
started a huge cat fight.
So,I don't know but, do know of 1 place I can check out food from.
Thank you,

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>Oh - btw.
>If you are using flagyl, it's the nastiest tasting
>drug you'll ever give your cats.
>Go to a health store and get the fillable gel-caps,
>used to make your own herb capsule mixes. Get the
>smallest size you can find, and put the flagyl in the
>It won't dissolve until it's far enough down that the
>taste won't linger. My girls used to foam at the
>mouth until I figured that one out.

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