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>At 09:33 PM 2/3/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> Great Story. I think the only way the family could break the will of
>>that dear lady is if they can prove she was mentally incompetent at the
>>time she made out the will. So hopefully, her lawyer, who drew up the
>>can testify she was, indeed, of sound mind. barb
>>"No, heaven will not ever Heaven be: Unless my cats are there to welcome
>>me." Unknown
>>Hi Barb,
> I know that's the only way they can break the will. I'm just wondering
>how long the family can drag this on in court while so many animals are
>needing help. The real killer about the whole thing is the 2 million is
>only 5% of the woman's estate, would you believe?! So the family has 95% of
>her money, which in my calculations is 38 million, right? How can these
>people be so greedy?
> Judy

One thing about people is that their self serving-ness never fails to amaze!
That's why all my cats say they are glad they are not people!!! Imagine how
much good you could have done with $38 million ....... and how much of a
hissy fit the family would be having if they had been left a """paltry""" $2
million !!!!!
The mind boggles!!! I am holding thumbs, fingers and toes and all my cats
are holding claws. this is what all of us dream of - do you know how much
$2 million is in South African Rands .........R12 million
............!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW
Hugs and kittens

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