Nancy: re Immunoregulin
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:00:16 EST


We do have Loopy on ImmunoRegulin, which we truly believe has made a
remarkable difference. The two vets we had used locally did not know about it
and were not inclined to use it, so we called the manufacturer (Neogen
1-888-282-8381). We spoke to a man named Rick, who was extremely helpful. He
put us in touch with distributors who carried Immuno, and they put us in touch
with vets who used it (we figured it would be better to go to a vet who
already knew about it rather than trying to teach one who never heard of it).
Further, Rick told us if the vet had any questions or needed more of the
product, that they could call him and he would take care of it immediately.

For informational purposes, if your vet is open to it, you could of course
show her the fact sheet or articles that the FeLV web site has links to
( After seeing the results in Loopy, we
are naturally strong supporters of Immuno.


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