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I tried several things on Precious and Shadow. The darn fleas wouldn't go
away. I finally bought a flea comb at Walmart for under $4.00. Shadow's
fur is very fine and fuzzy. It seemed like the purfect breeding ground for
fleas. I started combing him at least twice a day and the first several
days I got 50-60 fleas off each day. Now I comb him once in a while and
rarely get a flea. I like this method because I didn't have to use anything
on the furniture or carpets. I called Shadow my flea magnet. I won't use
chemicals on him unless I absolutely have to. Good luck.


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>Hi all,
>Majika and Popeepl have been on the ImmunoRegulin and Interferon going on
>three weeks now. They have both been on antibiotics on and off for months
>their URIs. We took them off the antibiotics Friday, and Majika started
>feeling bad Tuesday evening. I took her back to the vet this morning, and
>is getting the URI back, and had a fever of 103. He gave her a couple of
>shots and put her back on Orbax, the antibiotic. I'm concerned about
>them on the antibiotics for such a long period of time, but don't know what
>else to do. They are currently getting the ImmunoRegulin once a week,
>Interferon 7 days on 7 off, and co-enzyme Q10 and Pet Tinnic. Any
>suggestions? Also, I know it's not good to keep them on the antibiotics
>such a long period of time, but does anyone know exactly how that affects
>them. I forgot to ask the vet.
>Also, I have been battling fleas w/them. I have sprayed them before, but
>causes them to foam at the mouth. I asked the vet who told me to use
>Advantage. I am concerned about using Advantage because I believe it says
>the package not to use on sickly animals, but I could be mistaken. The vet
>seemed to think it was the better option though. Has anyone used
>or is there something else I could try. Thanks.
> Sherry, Majika and Popeepl

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