Question about Sophia
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 11:30:00 EST

Sophia has been very healthy since she tested postive at age 6 months, this
spring she will be 5 years old. She has good coloring, her weight is the same,
she looks good, acts just fine. But the last 2 nights she vomited 2 times,
each was undigested food, with a little clear liquid mixed in, not alot. I am
assuming that it is because she ate too fast, and after she vomited she did
eat more. My question is does anyone think that this is any need for me to be
alarmed at. She is due to go for her annual exam in March.
We just recovered from diarhea in the household, not her, just the 2 youngest
ones that are negative
Any input would be appreciated

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