Re: vomiting
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:50:29 EST

Thank you all for responding
The vomit was just her food, and she has not done it since Sat night, I will
problay be bringing her in earlier than the March appointments to be on the
safe side.
She has been so healthy, actualy the healthiest of all my kitties, and
currently the only one who tests positive. I get so worryed, she is getting
older, and my biggest fear is that our luck will run out. I am so careful with
her, I am getting rid (well giving it to the shelter) of that 9-lives food I
bought, and just sticking to the IAMs and Nutros mix. It was just odd to think
she ate too fast because normaly she eats with her paw, one morsel at a time,
but she did have her head in the bowl both times so that was problay the
She looks good today, and to my knowledge no vomiting

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