Re: frankie

CatWoman ( )
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 07:23:29 -0800

"Nancy A. Schmall" wrote:
> Diana,
> Why the grapefruit seed? I'm curious. Nancy

This is something that was recommended to me - apparently
it is an antibacterial agent.

The stuff I use is called "NutriBiotic Liquid Concentrate".
It's found at health food stores.

The description says:

"Nutribiotic contains . . . a natural quaternary compound
synthesized from the seed and pulp of certified organically
grwon grapefruit. . . ."

It was recommended at the health food store - both to be
taken internally, and to wash off meat if I wanted to use
raw meat. I started using it when I had Vampire's tooth
removed last year, and was asking for things to help him
heal quickly.

To me, it has a *strongly* citrus/grapefruit peel taste, but
the cats don't seem to mind it. I don't put a lot in - I'm
using the "children's dose" of 1-3 drops per day, so I put
about 8-12 drops in their wet food.


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