Re: colloidal silver and Echinacea

CatWoman ( )
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 07:41:32 -0800

"Chris M. Starrett" wrote:

> I have the humidifier on for him now, he seems to like it.

Good - just don't do what I did. I left it on in the bathroom,
and since I hadn't used it for a few years, I forgot how - so I
turned it all the way up - and when I got home - the first time,
I had a "rain forest" - the second time, my overhead light fixture
rebelled, and I had a shower of sparks, and blew out one of the
two sockets. Yipe!

> The vet said he got alot of fluid from his lungs I just hope we don't have to do this alot.

Will keep fingers crossed for you!

> My question is where do you get the coloidal silver and Echinacea? I have seen the grapefriut seed oil at the health food store.

Same place. Colloidal silver for pets - check to see if your
health food store has a section for pets. Otherwise, try a well
stocked acquarium store, since it's usually used for fish.

Echinacea - I've tried the extract for kids, but they don't like
the taste, so I just took my own capsules and cut them open, and
dumped the powder into the osterizer.


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