Re: Cancer caused by FeLV or Rabies vaccinations

Laura Jordan ( )
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 07:46:27 -0700


Lymphoma Sarcoma is what finally killed my Patches. He was felv+ (unbeknownst to
us) and when he was really sick at the end, we were told he had lymphoma in the
small intestines and it would be kindest to put him down. That's what prompted
me to the list. I've never heard of a rabies shot giving lymphoma, but have
heard of injection site sarcomas, which may be related. Sorry I don't know more

Laura and the Brat Pack

bonnie kalmbach wrote:

> I've been hearing that some cats develop cancer(fibrosarcoma)
> from the leukemia and/or rabies vaccinations. Has anyone heard
> of this and how prevalent would it be?
> Thanks, Bonnie
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