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I know exactly what you mean. Precious has been gone over 2 months now and
I still come to the list for support and healing. I would have never
guessed that this list could bring me such feelings of comfort, faith and
belonging. I don't think anyone could have a better support group. I hope
you have a good week. I'll be thinking of you.

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Date: Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: Jake

>Thank you so much, Laurie! Having the support in this group of folks like
>yourself really helps when we go through these hard times. Nancy
>On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Laurie Davis wrote:
>> Nancy,
>> You and Jake are in my prayers. He's come through rough times before.
>> strong and determined. Lots of love and healing vibes your way.
>> Laurie
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>> Date: Thursday, February 11, 1999 11:04 AM
>> Subject: Re: Jake
>> >Hi all,
>> >Thank you so much for your kind messages of thoughts and prayers! They
>> >are so important to me and help me through these bad times.
>> >
>> >As you know, we took Jake to an oncologist/internist in Tulsa yesterday.
>> >She did a chest x-ray and ultra-sound. Her conclusions were these
>> >regarding his aggressiveness (and more or less, his lethargy): 1) from
>> >ultra-sound it looked to her
>> >like when his platelets were real low, blood may have leaked into his
>> >bladder causing pain--he *had* a urinalysis a couple weeks ago,and my
>> >found nothing. The internist said she'd talk to my vet about possibly
>> >repeating the test--until then I could use Hills C/D diet even though if
>> >they found some different crystals in the urine, it might mean a
>> >diet. The C/D wouldn't hurt, but it may not help; (2) behavior problems
>> >stemming from being pilled twice each day, and going to the vet monthly
>> >for immunoregulin shots--he may just have *had* it; (3) a brain tumor
>> >which could be detected by a catscan which could be done by a
>> >in Missouri. If it's a brain tumor, it could probably be removed
>> >surgically. This option I've completely ruled out. I won't subject Jake
>> >to the stress of even going to a neurologist, much less having surgery.
>> >If he were otherwise healthy, I would probably do it, but with his low
>> >platelets . . . the way it is, we'll be lucky to have him around many
>> >months. She did say if the aggression continues, we could try feliway
>> >something else.
>> >
>> >With all this, I decided to switch to C/D and start feeding Jake Iam's
>> >food and mix in home-made protein (chicken, egg, yolks, liver, etc). I
>> >also decided to cut back to once a day medicine and only the necessary
>> >stuff with *one* another item (right now it's vit.c. and thymus in one
>> >capsule). I won't bring him in to have monthly immunoregulin shots
>> >his mood improves. I'll try subq at home *if* it doesn't stress him to
>> >give him a shot (I have my doubts).
>> >
>> >I'm subtly trying to work healthy things that he will eat and drink into
>> >his diet, i.e. putting aloe vera juice into the water, mixing his
>> >interferon with liver, which he loves (making sure it's only 10% of his
>> >diet).
>> >
>> >He'll have to stay on the prednisone, which I hate--but he'll bleed to
>> >death if he doesn't. I've read where giving it every other day does
>> >to suppress his immunity. I'm going to check with the vet and see if we
>> >could give a double dose every other day. Perhaps a miracle will
>> >and eventually we can lower the dosage.
>> >
>> >Sorry to make this so long. Any suggestions/input would be really
>> >appreciated. Nancy
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >

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