Re: Lizzie needs your help!
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 07:49:50 EST

John Hi and welcome to the list

<<1. Is there an oral chemo that I could give her that any of you have
tried? I'll listen to any successful home remedies also.

I have used cytoxan on my bridge kitty Rubin, and to be honest, he got worse
on it, it was very very hard on his body. I would not ever want to use it

2. Could I disolve a human's "Centrum Silver" multi-vitamin in with
milk and a blended whole egg for her to eat or feed through a tube
directly into her throat that would taste good? ....... (little
sugar?). I have pet vitamins, but would the aforementioned vitamin be
more of a boost to her system without fear of a vitamin overdose?

I am not certain, but I think that people vitamins are toxic to kitties, there
are probaly others on the list that might know the answer to that more than

3. I'm avoiding I.V. chemo at this time due to the horror stories I've
heard about their onset of stomach sickness , vomiting and general

I used IV chemo on Rubin, with great success. He tested potive at age 5, got
sick at age 8, went on chemo, went into remision for 4 1/2 years!!!! and then
got sick again at age 12, but this time he could not fight it off, his bone
marrow shut down. He died memorial day 1998. For chemos: He was on vincrestene
( no side effects) the first go around, and the 2nd time vincrestene, and then
a more aggresive kind called l-assparigine (which has possible harmful side
effects, that required him to stay at the vets for 4 hours after to monitor).
He did not have any of the side effects that you had mentioned. His stomach
sicknees he did expierence was from the meds, for that she gave him I believe
centrine to calm his belly down. He was on Baytril , another antibititic,
predisone, and the chemo. And when he lost his apptiete he was on valiums.
I do not once regret putting him on chemo, I think that is why we had him for
so long, yes there was some weight loss, on chemo he lost about 5 pounds, he
was also a very large kitty. But no loss of hair, no vomiting, nor nausea.
Cats are able to take the chemo better than we can. The only thing I noticed
is that he did favor the paw where the chemo was given, but she did switch
each time. Other than that, he was fine.


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