Re: OT - "babies" - of any age!
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 15:54:14 EST

Mine will be 2 on April 27th to be exact, I have had them since they where 2
hours old. They where born to a feral cat on my friends aunts porch. I took
advatage and rushed them all in when they where 2 days old. Mother and babies.
Patrick is bigger than Sophia now in height and weight, and Elizabeth she
weighs more than Sophia and almost as much as Zachary. And it is funny when I
look at them, to me they still look like little babies. I know that they are
not, but I been with them for so long, that it is hard to accept that they are
grown up, LOL.
Zachary and Sophia where 6 months old when I brought them in, and I had known
them since they where 4 months old. Rubin, he was bottle fed by JoAnn. She had
him at 4 weeks, I got him when he was 6 months. It is funny, up till the time
that Patrick and Elizabeth where born I had called Zach and Sophia kittens,

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