OT - "babies" - of any age!

CatWoman ( diana@wetware.com )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 17:46:19 -0800

GinaTex@aol.com wrote:

> Oh yes, mine will be 2 in April, and yes they still race around the house like
> they where kittens (in my eyes they are still kittens, but I know technacly
> they are not, :-)
> Patrick is 12 pounds, and Elizabeth is a whopping 16- 17 pounds!!!!

Sounds like yours were born about the same time as mine!
We figure they'll be 2 on April 1 (when I brought them home,
we figured them to be about 5 week - starting the second week
of May, 1997).

I had that same thought yesterday when talking to my mom. I
call them "the kittens", but realized that they are now older
than almost all of my cats were when I got them! Vampire was
12, and Gaia (boys mom) was at least 3 when I brought them home
last year - but all my other cats have been at most 1-1/2 when
I got them! These are definitely *cats*, not kittens!



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