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Hi... My kittens are 10 months old. I know what you mean about worrying all the
time. After I decided to keep my felv kittens, I thought about them and the
virus ALL the time. I wondered if I would ever get used to the thought of them
being positive and just relax and enjoy them! Well, I have relaxed somewhat and
I don't dwell on it as much anymore. Of course it's always in the back of mind,
like when one throws up or sneezes or something. I think as time goes by you
just get used to the idea! See ya, Jill and Girls

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<< They are positive and very healthy. >>
Im glad your kitties are healthy!! How old are they....I know you said that
they are positive. Pumpkin is now about 5 1/2 months....I worry about her so
much. Shes so healthy now but she to is FELV positive.

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