Re: (Fwd) A plea

Laura Jordan ( )
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:02:16 -0700

There is always plenty we can try to do to help. Hopefully someone here can help
with your situation, as I have very little experience with liver problems, and
have only 1 felv+ kitty at home who has stayed healthy (knock on mock wood).

Laura and the Brat Pack

James G. Wilson wrote:

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> Subject: A plea
> Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:22:33 -0800
> Hello Felvtalk list. I've just joined --- 10 minutes ago-- so forgive me if
> I have no idea yet what's the protocol for submissions. But my wife and I
> just learned this morning from our vet that our 1 1/2 beloved Oedipussy has
> feline leukemia, and, of course, we are devastated, and immediately grasping
> for straws. He seemed fine when we took him to the vet Wednesday, afraid
> he'd eaten some mistletoe. He had his stomach pumped. We expected some
> after-effects of this, but Thursday he was extremely sluggish, more-so on
> Friday. Back to the vet. Tests came in this morning, positive, and with
> serious liver damage. We don't know if there's any hope for any sort of
> treatment. I'm sure you get these kinds of inquiries all the time, so
> excuse my barging in. But can anyone offer advice or encouragement? I have
> read James Wilson's FAQ page and learned that a stress situation can bring
> on the underlying leukemia. And I've seen the page on ""Newer Methods For
> Treating FeLV+ Cats. But I don't know about treatment for a cat (suddenly)
> in such bad shape. We want to jump into action (today) if there's any
> sensible action to be taken.
> Michael

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