Martha ( onion@teleport.com )
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 14:00:15 -0800

Hi all
I think there are some people on here who also have IBD cats...?? So far
Basil the IBD has been having a worse time of things than my positive
Mushroom. He's been on prednisone daily for a month and about 5 days ago
the vet said to go to every other day. The last two days he's vomited and
has had diarreah (I never can spell that word). He had been doing so good
for so long!! Anyway, I have a call out to the vet, but I was just
wondering how others with IBD cats are dealing with it. Is prednisone
something they can take all the time? Is there something else out there
that works? He's eating the rabbit protein food ok and the segregated
feeding is working out to everyone's delight. I just want the little guy
to get some meat on his bones! 12 to 13 pounds is about right for him and
at the last trip to the vet he barely tipped the scales at 9 pounds.

Thanks everyone :o)

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